Southern BusinessEDGE

21-22 April, Penola
21-22 July, Adelaide
25-26 August, Lameroo
15-16 September, Robe

BusinessEDGE is a comprehensive two-day workshop for owners and managers of grazing enterprises.
It’s specifically designed to improve financial literacy and business skills.

What you will learn
  • Why your income tax return is of limited value in business decision making
  • How to set up and use management accounts
  • How to interpret financial statements and understand what they are saying to you
  • Understanding the key profit drivers for the whole business, the herd and the flock
  • How to manage financial risk
  • How to allocate capital in a rational manner for a better return on the investment
  • …and much more

“A great investment, the overall business picture is priceless.”

MeatUp Forums

MeatUp Forums provide an opportunity for beef, sheep and goat producers to learn something new, stay up-to-date with the latest on-farm research and technologies and meet others working in the red meat industry.

Held predominantly throughout southern Australia, these forums introduce producers to the outcomes of MLA research and development projects and the next steps to drive profitability and productivity on-farm.

At MeatUp Forums, producers can:

  • hear about the latest red meat research, development and adoption programs with a whole-farm and value chain focus
  • interact with expert speakers, including leading producers, advisors and researchers
  • access tools and insights – tailored to the needs and interests of producers in the local area.

MeatUp Forums are an MLA initiative and are delivered by Pinion Advisory.

Event details

MLA will host MeatUp Forums across NSW, SA, southern WA and south-west Queensland from 2021 through to 2023. Dates and locations include:

23 June 2021, Broken Hill
25 June 2021, Port Augusta
5 August 2021, Perth
19 August 2021, Naracoorte
2 September 2021, Dubbo

Next Gen Breakthrough Group

Supporting the next generation of farm managers

Get your business started

Managing a farm is a complex business. Considerations need to be made to manage people, finances and the business health to ensure a profitable and resilient farming operation.

The Next Generation Breakthrough Group is a 3-year program designed to assist and support the development of the next generation of farm managers. The group features like-minded producers from different regions, business models and levels of farming experience, to learn practical techniques, tools and processes to implement within their own farming businesses.