Next Gen Breakthrough Group

Supporting the next generation of farm managers

Get your business started 15-16 March 2020

Managing a farm is a complex business. Considerations need to be made to manage people, finances and the business health to ensure a profitable and resilient farming operation.

The Next Generation Breakthrough Group is a 3-year program designed to assist and support the development of the next generation of farm managers. The group features like-minded producers from different regions, business models and levels of farming experience, to learn practical techniques, tools and processes to implement within their own farming businesses.

Benefits to you and your business:

  • Develop your business skills to become an effective manager and leader.
  • Gain confidence in your decision making and farm management skills.
  • Develop a detailed action plan for the management succession of the business.
  • Improve your time management planning and workplace effectiveness.
  • Create an entrepreneurial and opportunity focused mind-set.
  • Connect with like-minded producers to share ideas and experiences.
  • Ongoing support from experienced Pinion Advisory consultants.
  • Add professionalism, planning and logic to your decision making.