Environmental Sustainabilty

We know agribusiness, we know water and we know the environment.

We combine our experience and skills to deliver practical and smart environmental sustainability solutions. We help our clients to grow, improve their sustainability, comply with environmental responsibilities, and realise opportunities and efficiencies. We are independent and base our advice on science and experience.

Our client list is as diverse as we are and includes water authorities, local councils, government departments, agricultural producers, food processors, land developers and waste management enterprises.

If you need help with an environmental problem, optimising environmental sustainability, understanding your natural resources or a landuse change challenge, please get in touch.

Sustainable management solutions

Working together to create sustainable agricultural systems and to unlock the potential of organic wastes, recycled water and biosolids

Our team comes together with experience in agriculture, engineering and science to work with clients to develop cost effective and compliant solutions that benefit the environment.

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Services include:

  • Recycled water feasibility assessments, business cases, concept design, procurement and project management
  • Irrigation management plans
  • Effluent management plans for dairies (DairyAus accredited), feedlots and other intensive livestock facilities
  • Paunch management plans for abattoirs
  • Vineyard and winery waste management advice and management plans
  • Aquaculture wastewater and waste management solutions
  • Pot ale (whisky distillery waste) irrigation management plans
  • Feasibility assessments, business cases, concept design, procurement and project management for the beneficial reuse of food processing wastes
  • Compost system design, operational management and environmental auditing
  • Biosolids management solutions and plans for water and sewage utilities
  • Property and site management maps
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Carbon & climate change

Providing clients with independent, scientifically sound, business focussed support and advice to navigate the world of carbon

With our in-depth understanding of on-farm production systems and carbon and GHG emissions we provide informed recommendations that will increase productivity and profitability and improve sustainability. Our advice is practical and based on sound business and production understanding (soil, enterprises, financial). Our independence means that our services are focussed on outcomes for you and your business.

Environmental consulting

Our team of environmental scientists love getting mud on their boots. Getting out in the field, assessing a site and pulling together technical information in a meaningful way, is what they do best

Services include:

  • Flora and fauna surveys, impact assessments and management plans
  • Groundwater management plans, including bore development and ongoing sampling
  • Salinity assessments and remediation plans
  • Catchment scale water management plan development and reviews
  • Monitoring of river flows, water quality, rainfall, evaporation, groundwater and aquatic ecology
  • Aquatic ecosystem surveys and management plans, including fish and macroinvertebrates (AusRivAS accredited)
  • Mine closure and rehabilitation
  • Pest plant, pest animal, and wildlife management advice
  • Native vegetation assessments, approvals and management plans
  • Fire management advice, plans and landowner training programs
  • Soil assessments, mapping and management plans
  • NRM project and program delivery
  • Landholder training and sustainable agriculture producer groups
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Environmental compliance

Let us take the stress of compliance off your plate. Our environmental compliance experts actually enjoy working through regulatory paperwork, getting those boxes ticked and helping you to negotiate practical and realistic soutions. We can provide technical support or manage the whole process for you

Services include:

  • Development of EPA approved management plans for activities regulated or called in by the EPA
  • Development of environmental impact assessment (EIS) and environmental effects reports (EER) for a broad range of projects and activities (including irrigation infrastructure, quarries, dams, powerlines, roads and solar farms, abattoirs etc).
  • Assistance with regulator liaison
  • Whole of business environmental management plans
  • Assistance preparing for quality assurance program audits
  • Once off assessments or ongoing environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Third party auditing of environmentally relevant activities (compliance auditing)
  • Preparation of irrigation management plans and farm water access plans
  • Land capability assessments for irrigation development
  • Land use planning assessments, reports and representation
  • Environmental sustainability auditing and reporting
  • Contaminated site assessments.