Merger announcement: – HydroPlan joins Pinion Advisory!

HydroPlan joins Pinion Advisory to create Australia’s largest independent irrigation consultancy

December 9, 2021

On 1 January 2022, respected Irrigation and Water Engineering firm HydroPlan will join Agribusiness, Water and Environmental Consultancy Pinion Advisory.

HydroPlan was established in 1985 and has grown to become one of Australia’ largest independent irrigation and water engineering consulting firms. HydroPlan specialises in the design, documentation, and construction management of irrigation projects across Australia and internationally.

The HydroPlan team provides services to farmers, water utilities, sporting clubs, local and state government, architects, developers, and engineers.

HydroPlan has an exceptional track record in balancing expertise in agronomy and engineering with a commitment to independence to produce practical and cost-effective outcomes for their clients.

The HydroPlan project history is impressive and includes:

  • Large stormwater harvesting and recycled water schemes
  • Multiple off peak water storage projects, above and below ground
  • Stock and domestic pipelines in Victoria and New South Wales
  • Racecourse irrigation systems in Australia and Southeast Asia
  • Parks, public landscapes and golf courses in Australia and Southeast Asia

The merging of the HydroPlan and Pinion Advisory water teams will create additional capacity and expertise for existing and new irrigation developments.

Pinion Advisory emerged in July 2020 with the merger of Agribusiness, Water and Environmental consulting firms, Rural Directions, Macquarie Franklin and Sunraysia Environmental. The US based agricultural advisory firm K·Coe Isom is also a partner to create the world’s first multinational agriculture, water and environmental consultancy business.

Since launching, Pinion Advisory has expanded five key service areas:

  • The Pinion Centre for Family Agribusiness
  • Commodity Risk Management
  • Food and Agricultural Production
  • Water
  • Environmental Management

Our key clients include family and corporate farmers, government, developers and Research and Development Corporations.

“We are totally independent. We only provide technical solutions that are fit for purpose, cost effective and environmentally responsible” said Pinion Advisory CEO, Dave Heinjus.

“The cultural and technical strategic fit of Pinion Advisory and HydroPlan is amazing. This augers very well for the future development of our technical services in water”, he said.

The merging of the two water firms when combined with our existing capability in agronomy, farm business management and environmental monitoring will provide a one stop shop for all farmers, developers and all levels of government.

Since launching, Pinion Advisory has secured major contracts as irrigation design partners for 6 new irrigations schemes in Tasmania and other prefeasibility projects in Queensland. “Our water team is certainly in demand”, said Mr Heinjus. The team is always striving for simple, practical, and cost-effective outcomes. This is certainly being recognised by the industry.

Mr Heinjus said, we will maintain the HydroPlan brand in the short to medium term as we slowly integrate the two water teams to provide a high impact consulting team with an enormous depth of practical experience and capacity.

The HydroPlan merger will take the Pinion Advisory Team to circa 100 people and have offices in nearly every state of Australia.

Technical Director, John Gransbury celebrated his 35-year anniversary with HydroPlan last week. “We’ve completed over 12,000 projects, and my awesome team is very excited about the future and the additional capacity and expertise now available to clients” he said.

Pinion Advisory Water Manager, Chris Thompson said “I have always seen HydroPlan as the industry benchmark for professional design services in irrigation water systems and supply, and to be able to join with them and combine our collective skills is I believe an amazing opportunity and outcome for our people and our clients”.

For more information, contact:
Dave Heinjus, Pinion Advisory CEO – 0417 808 557
John Gransbury, HydroPlan Technical Director – 0412 600 674