Looking out for yourself in difficult times

Carlyn Sherriff

The 2019 production year, and early 2020 have been a mixed bag, with ups and downs across the industry. Ongoing drought and natural disasters have impacted many of us, personally and across the wider community. Here are a few ideas to ensure positive wellbeing.

  • Be with others
    Surround yourself with others to provide support, joy and comfort. Spend time with family and friends, ideally away from your farm or home base to limit distractions. Down technology and focus on connection. Simply enjoy catching up.
  • Focus on strengths and positives
    Reflect on your strengths and the positives in each day. Emphasise the good before thinking of the bad. A glass half full, rather than empty, approach assists.
  • Take time out
    Make a break a high priority. Stop and refocus your week or month to ensure you get some time away from the farm. Ask a friend or neighbour to watch your place while you have a few nights away, then return the favour.
  • Sleep well
    Wind down at the end of the day. Make a list of the things on your mind so you can relax in the evening. Listen to some music, reduce screen time and ensure you get 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Try meditation
    Linked to getting enough sleep, try a meditation app or routine to allow your body to totally relax and unwind.
  • Be active
    Go for a walk, run or ride – get moving! Try for 30 minutes each day. Consider participating in a local Park Run or joining Fat Farmers. Being active is a great way to clear your head and maintain good health.
  • Moderate your alcohol consumption
    Be mindful of your alcohol consumption. Consider cutting it out or limiting your intake. Your body and mind will thank you for it.
  • Set goals for the year ahead
    Take the time out with your family and business team to set some goals for the year ahead. Set personal goals first, then consider your business goals. What will you achieve in 2020?
  • Ask for help
    If you are really struggling to cope don’t be afraid to tell someone. Ask for help, talk to your GP. Visit Beyond Blue to find other support services, information and tools to assist.

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