Farm Salary Survey

Farm Salary Survey

Farm Salary Survey Report
An insight into renumeration packages and farm labour trends

Released May 2021

To attract and retain farm employees in a tight labour market, you need to offer competitive wages and conditions.

It can be difficult to do this if you don’t know what the industry standard is, or what other similar farm businesses are offering for the same positions.

  • Are your packages keeping up with average remuneration package values for like roles?
  • Where does the package you provide sit within the range?
  • How will you know where the market is at?
  • How will you create a remuneration package which is compliant and competitive?
  • How can you find out what other cash and non-cash benefits are offered by farm businesses to their team members?

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69 farm roles were reviewed for the 19/20 financial year, the fifth edition of the Farm Salary Survey.

The report provides a comprehensive review of farm-based positions including Farm Manager, Assistant Farm Manager/Overseer, Farm Operations Assistant/Farm Hand and administration roles.

Available in print or electronically, the report has been created specifically to identify the trends in remuneration packages across predominantly broadacre cropping and mixed enterprise (livestock and cropping) businesses.

The report contains insights into:

  • Average hours worked, by role
  • How employees are remunerated (salary versus hourly rate plus overtime versus flat hourly rate)
  • How overtime is remunerated
  • Additional non-cash benefits

The report also directs you to key references including the Pastoral Award (2020) and the National Employment Standards.

If you are a farm business currently employing staff, or likely to in the future, you will be able to make informed decisions based on this valuable data. This report will enable you to benchmark your remuneration packages against a snapshot of the market. You will gain insights into farm labour trends which will help you to attract and retain key team members who add value to your business.

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