Farm Business Management

Creating clarity, direction and strategy through enhanced communication and decision making for more resilient, profitable farm businesses

Successful farm businesses optimise gross margins, with lower overheads whilst proactively managing risk in business. This is created through excellent people and management skills, a focus on creating efficiencies as well as being accountable to cost. This generates greater long-term levels of profitability and businesses that are resilient.

Farm Business Management Services provides an independent focus on delivering management systems and technical advice that assists farm businesses of all kinds to realise their potential. This is delivered through tailored service offerings that include advisory boards, business and strategic planning, property management and independent business reviews to aid implementation and strategy. This is backed up with independent benchmarking, proven consulting tools and techniques as well as our involvement in industry development projects to make data driven, robust decisions on all aspects of the farm business management.

Advisory Board

Working together to make key decisions and set the direction for your business

For rural and small business owners who are struggling to spend time working on the business and need a sounding board to help them make key decisions and set direction. It's like a coach for your business.

Our independence and whole of business focus enables us to give rounded advice that is tailored to your individual situation.

Annual Business Review

For farmers and small business owners who are feeling bogged down working in their business rather than working on it. An independent consultant will chair a group meeting with your team of family and/or business members to review your business.

The Annual Business Review Service is a dedicated time to review the previous year and make strategic plans for the year ahead.


A simple, stress free business review that provides you with vital business information

Benchmarking your business encourages discussion so that you and your team can understand the business position.

Our benchmarking tool, SnapShot™, is for business owners who want to monitor their performance and progress through an independent business review. SnapShot is like a health check for your business, highlighting successes and where improvements can be made.

Business and Strategic Planning Services

Your plan to drive your business to achieve its goals

If you are feeling out of control, frustrated, or struggling for profitability, we offer a business and strategic planning service to help you face your challenges and make the most of your opportunities.

Through this service you will devise, develop, and refine a plan to move your business to the next level.


Effective, proactive and committed advice to help advance your business

If you find your business at a cross-road and want to maintain the business momentum, you will benefit from the coaching and mentoring service.

Our service combines coaching (encouragement and structure) with mentoring (technical know-how) to provide you with effective advice and structure to move your business forward.

Having someone to talk us through the possibilities and back up ideas with models and formulas, created a platform so we could confidently take the next steps by ourselves.

Property Management Planning

Increasing productivity and management efficiency by shaping the way a property is developed

Property Management Planning is equally important for both the family farm and the corporate farming enterprise.

The way a property is designed, enhanced and managed can have a significant influence on productivity and management efficiency.

We offer a complete Property Management Planning service with a track record of assisting property owners in establishing productive, attractive and efficient farming properties.