Water Resources

Water Resources

Providing our clients with the most appropriate and beneficial outcome for their specific needs in a timely and cost effective manner

This may range from achieving an urgent fix to a complex problem on a limited budget, right through to a long term and staged strategy for a major project with lots of collateral outcomes needing consideration.

To achieve this objective our team provide a strong set of skills, a collaborative approach, and the networks that support that collaboration. This means any assignment we take is not treated in isolation and has a considered and integrated approach.

Our key areas of expertise are:

  • Developing on farm irrigation systems that are appropriate to the farming operations and provide the most agronomically, financially and environmentally sustainable outcomes
  • Developing farm water resource systems that consider the on going needs of farming operations under changing climate conditions
  • Farm dam design assessments and approvals carried out in a realistic, practical and cost effective approach
  • Working with the relevant stakeholders to investigate and develop the most appropriate regional irrigation scheme concepts, and then supporting the mechanisms to develop these in a cost effective and sustainable manner
  • Design and development of capital effective pump stations that are both energy and financially efficient and meet all of the needs of the systems they supply
  • Design and development of pipelines that manage the benefits between capital investment and annual operating costs
  • Carrying out assessments of existing irrigation systems to ensure they are appropriately operable and are agronomically and financially efficient and environmentally sustainable
  • Developing regional and local stream flow and climate monitoring systems to provide cost effective manageable and usable data
  • Practical assessment and option analysis of local river and stream engineering issues
  • Providing dairy effluent system designs that are compliant, manageable and sustainable and consider all necessary regional conditions in the process
  • Specialist centre pivot irrigator design and review services, focusing on water to the plant outcomes
  • Provision of engineering project management and construction oversight services for all projects in the agriculture and aquaculture arena
  • Investigation and development of fresh water supply systems for aquaculture operations
  • Trouble shooting in all aspects of irrigation and water supply for agricultural and aquaculture operations