Integrated Office

Farm Bookkeeping

Linking farm bookkeeping with production recording systems to create real time management reports

Farm bookkeeping is often a pain point for farming clients. There are many accidental office managers. The outcome is often humble office management systems and therefore inefficient management of this part of the business. The reality is this part of the business has increased in need due to the introduction of regulations and the scale of most businesses.

The evolution of cloud-based computer systems and new IT technology like artificial intelligence, means there is an opportunity to automate farm bookkeeping and link this with solid production recording systems like AgWorld to produce real time management reports. This starts with a standard chart of accounts that can be used by any farmer.

Integrated Office is a software platform that will link farm bookkeeping with production recording systems to create real time management reports. These can then be used to assist with holistic and informed decision making.

  • Raises the bar in the standard of farm office bookkeeping
  • Efficiently turns data into information that can be used to make informed decisions
  • Saves time and removes a frustration point in many farm businesses
  • Leverage the full potential of the integrated office software to lead, manage and control the business
  • Allows the client to redeploy resources that have originally been spent just keeping up with basic bookkeeping
  • Set up a cloud-based farm office management system that integrates bookkeeping (Xero) and agricultural production systems (AgWorld) to create reports that include SnapShot premium outputs
  • Farm bookkeeping is automated because the whole system has been set up appropriately and is fit for purpose
  • Access the technology and ongoing support

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