Employee Exchange

Employee Exchange Program

George Lane from Brown & Co (UK) arrived in the Mid North for a four-week exchange at the beginning of October 2018. While in South Australia, George worked with Rural Directions employees and visited SA's cropping and grazing regions.

The exchange program between Pinion Advisory and UK-based consultancy Brown & Co will give our team members an international insight into better managing risks.

The objective of this program was for George to undertake a project to report on leasing and sharefarming business models that could be used in South Australian cropping and grazing regions to better manage seasonal risks.

Whilst here, George also learnt about our business and investigated transferable practices that could be beneficial to Brown & Co back in the UK.

In the future, Brown & Co will reciprocate by hosting a Pinion Advisory consultant for a similar four-week period.

Introducing George Lane
Experiences from program
Reflections from week 1
Reflections from week 2
Reflections from week 3
Reflections from week 4

More about Brown & Co

Brown & Co is a UK based provider of professional consultancy services in agribusiness, real estate, and the environment.

Established in 1993 by twelve partners, Brown & Co now has over 225 employees across their Commercial, Residential, Land Agency, Agriculture, Architectural and Planning divisions.

From a growing network of offices throughout the UK, Europe and the Caribbean, Brown & Co combine a high level of specialist technical expertise with experience and local knowledge. The firm has a commitment to build strong, proactive and long-term relationships with both corporate and private clients, for whom they strive to deliver the best results and total satisfaction.

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